Launch of new Shared Hosting plans for 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Today we release our new hosting plans for 2018. The changes affect new customers only. Customers on some legacy plans will be rolled up into the new 2018 plans automatically. 

Shared Hosting:
Complete overhaul to plans. Pricing now heavily favors annual subscriptions. We no longer offer an unlimited disk space plan.  

  • 2018 Small - $4.95/mo - 10GB Disk, 100GB Bandwidth, 5 Domains, 10 Mailboxes and 5 Databases
  • 2018 Medium - $9.95/mo - 50GB Disk, Unlimited Bandwidth, Domains, Mailboxes and Databases
  • 2018 Large - $22.95/mo - 200GB Disk, Unlimited Bandwidth, Domains, Mailboxes and Databases

Budget Hosting:
These plans were quite popular last year so we've decided to give them some more love. The smaller plan went from 1GB to 2GB and the larger plan went from 10GB down to 8GB. The plans now have specified resource limitations. 

  • 2018 Budget 2GB - $15/yr - 2GB Disk, 75GB Bandwidth, 4 Domains, 4 Mailboxes, 4 Databases, etc
  • 2018 Budget 8GB - $30/yr - 8GB Disk, 150GB Bandwidth, 8 Domains, 8 Mailboxes, 8 Databases, etc
We hope that you like these changes. As usual please forward on any feedback you might have. 

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