Advanced Fraud Verification Now in Effect!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Our orders go through a hardened fraud verification process with our partnership with MaxMind and FraudRecord. All orders that are processed through Zap5 Networks go through a 3 phase verification process...

1 - Automated Security (minFraud + Telephone Verifcation)
2 - Manual Review
3 - FraudRecord

We use FraudRecord to report misbehaving clients. FraudRecord helps us report bad clients, and warn other companies about them! The purpose of our fraud checks are to reduce charge-backs by identifying risky orders to be held for further review. Our fraud checks are used to identify fraud in online e-commerce transactions, affiliate referrals, surveys, and account logins and signups. 

Telephone Verification service is another tool that we use to provide a way to combat the growing threat of online fraud. The Telephone Verification service can also be used via SMS in addition to voice.

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