HostBlizzard VPS Control Panel - Now Online!

Monday, December 1, 2014

We have resolved long standing issues with the HostBlizzard VPS control system. Previously the module was not able to handle the load and we identified potential security risks in the design and decided to remove the functionality until the issues could be fixed. We strongly belive the module is ready and you will notice is that the VPS Control Module is now online! This allows you to manage your VPS server directly from your Client Portal. (Applies to HostBlizzard VPS servers only.)

New Available Tools:
  • Shutdown
  • Reset
  • Power Off
  • Power On
  • Reboot
  • View Power State
  • View Server Specs
  • View IP Address
  • View Server Uptime
  • View Storage Usage
  • View Memory Usage
  • View CPU Usage
  • Disk Info 3D Graphs
  • Partitioned Disk Charts

VPS Service Manager

We encourage you to test out these features and let us know how you like them! If you notice any issues please let us know!

-Zap5 Networks

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