Notice of Policy Updates

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We're writing to let you know that the Zap5 Networks policies have been updated to support policy and other changes. The updated Agreements are effective immediately.

Please take a moment to review the changes:

Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP):
Terms of Service (TOS):

Most of the new changes have been made to keep the User Agreements up-to-date with our product and service offerings. 

In our Terms of Service, we've clarified how your relationship with Zap5 Networks and our subsidaries/divisions works and made a number of small changes and formatting improvements, such as new headings for easy reference and updated descriptions of our services. We've also added a warrant canary to the bottom of the AUP.

Additionaly we have modified the automated invoice overdue reminders and service suspension dates as follows:

  • First Overdue Notice: 1 day past due
  • Service Suspension: 2 days past due
  • Second Overdue Notice: 3 days past due + 15% late fee added to invoice
  • Third/Final Overdue Notice: 7 days past due**

** Accounts that are past due over 7 days are deemed to be abandoned and are subject to permanent and non-recoverable termination of services including data destruction.

You do not need to take any further action.

Thank you!

- Zap5 Networks

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