Our web servers include ModSecurity which is a application security intrusion prevention countermeasure. It prevents suspicous and known web facing attacks and injections on outdated and badly coded scripts. Some WordPress plugins and themes are known to trigger ModSecurity. Other content management systems and scripts can trigger ModSecurity as well. This is also one of the most common ways to get blocked by our servers.

From your cPanel you can disable ModSecurity on your website if you choose, however we do NOT recommend this. The protection ModSecurity provides is well worth the occasional false-positive. ModSecurity is a tool capable of real-time web application monitoring, logging, and access control. We use the OWASP ModSecurity Core and ConfigServer cXs ModSecurity rule sets on our servers.

How to Disable / Enable ModSecurity from cPanel:

  1. Login to your cPanel account for your website
  2. Under the SECURITY section, select ModSecurity
  3. cPanel - Security - ModSecurity

  4. Enabling or Disabling ModSecurity
  5. You may configure ModSecurity for ALL your domains using the button at the top. Alternativley you can configure each domain individually. 

    You can see full details about the protection ModSecurity provides here: http://go.cpanel.net/modsecurityowasp

    If you are having other connectivity issues to our servers it's best you contact our support department for further assistance.

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