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Reduced pricing on extra IP addresses for KVM SSD VPS!

Фев 8

We have an excess amount of IPv4 addresses with our upstream provider that need to be used. So we are slashing the prices on extra IP addresses from $3 to $1!  - Available only on Public Cloud - Premium KVM VPS: https://my.sheernox.com/cart.php?gid=27 - Add up to 16 IPs per Cloud VPS instance. $1.00 each per month. - No coupon code required. ... Читать далее »

Echo server outage - Resolved

Ноя 1

We are currently investigating an outage with the "ECHO" server. Customers on this server will notice their websites are offline.  We are working to resolve the issue.  You may view live uptime status here: https://status.snox.ca Thank you for your patience.   2018-11-01 14:50 UPDATE: The cause has been identified and we are working to ... Читать далее »