Commonly Used Port Numbers

The following port numbers are unofficial list of commonly used for linux/unix based servers.
Port NumberProtocolFunction
21TCPFTP (File Transfer Protocol)
22TCP/UDPSSH (ssh,scp copy or sftp)
25TCP/UDPSMTP (for sending outgoing emails)
43TCPWHOIS function
53TCP/UDPDNS Server (Domain name service for DNS requests)
67UDPDHCP Server
68TCPDHCP Client
70TCPGopher Protocol
79TCPFinger protocol
110TCPPOP3 (for receiving email)
119TCPNNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)
143TCP/UDPIMAP4 Protocol (for email service)
389TCP/UDPLDAP (light weight directory access)
443TCPSecure HTTP over SSL (https)
465TCPSecure SMTP (email) using SSL
990TCP/UDPSecure FTP using SSL
993TCPSecure IMAP protocol over SSL (for emails)
1433TCP/UDPMicrosoft SQL server port
2082TCPCpanel default port
2083TCPCpanel over SSL
2086TCPCpanel Webhost Manager (default)
2087TCPCpanel Webhost Manager (with https)
2095TCPCpanel Webmail
2096TCPCpanel secure webmail over SSL
2222TCPDirectAdmin Server Control Panel
3306TCP/UDPMySQL Database Server
4643TCPVirtuosso Power Panel
5432TCPPostgreSQL Database Server
8080TCPHTTP port (alternative one for port 80)
8087TCPPlesk Control Panel Port (default)
8443TCPPlesk Server Control Panel over SSL
9999TCPUrchin Web Analytics
10000TCPWebmin Server Control Panel
19638TCPEnsim Server Control Panel
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